Obama wastes $

Barrack Hoessein Obama, the first president that makes the USA definitive bankrupted, is bizzy burning 70 billion USD in his recently announched stimulans package.

Obama is trying to improve the American economy by increasing government spending and investments into new industries as the sustainable energy sector.

Personally I’m a big supporter of sustainable energy, but not with all those subsidys. Sustainable energy should be sustainable on its own.

But Obama is spending $,- into Research and Developement subsidys and incentives. But how would the USA or Europe win the fight for talent? The true economic growth is in the emerging markets and the Middle East. With the high subsidys of Qatar for knowledge organisation the small country is becomming market leader in the field in knowledge. In India are 7.000 graduates on western university level a year. How would any country compete with that? Especially because the Asian retail markets are booming.

China is every year putting down the same level of high speed rail connections as there is currently in all over Europe. With 2 companys developing the trains, each with 10.000 people on R&D, how would Europe and America compete against it?

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