The global currency war

China Currency Exchange Bill

The first step for the economic war against China is arranged by the American politicians. The politicians are looking for a way to geth jobs back to the USA, especially for there voters.

The American politician say that by subsidysing the Yuan China is hurting there honestly and hard working voters. However, they forget that the Chinese government is one of the biggest holders of American Government debt.

The global movement of job migration is is something that is not a new issue. Mexico is recognised as a outsourcing country for American jobs. However, Mexico is loosing jobs to countrys like China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and in the future Africa.

The trend is not new and the American politicians are starting a economic war with China ons this method. Something that is not smart, to start a fight with your financiers unless you are planning to go bankrupted. But the American politician are planning for that.

The subsidy of a your local currency is not something news. The Swiss are doing it, Japan, China, USA, UK etc. also. Only question is how will win this war, especially what can be achieved if everyone is doing it.

Next to this subsidy the politician oversee the fact that, according to IBM, the western economys are loosing 5% of the jobs by technology, innovation etc. 5% Annually they will loose, with no option of going back. Those jobs are mostly reduced by the lower wage jobs.

It is time for the American politician to understand that they are not the boss in the world and that it is a negative idea to start a (economic) war against there financier.

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